Monday, 15 August 2011

Meet my Feline Family

I currently have three cats who completely rule our household.
Indi is a nine year old grey tabby tom cat. He spends most of his time rolling on his back, exposing his belly to the world, either in the middle of the lawn or on the kitchen rug when I'm cooking.
Rhubarb and Custard are eight year old black female sisters from a rescue centre, and couldn't have more extreme personalities. Rhubarb, aka Ruby, is slim and hyper-active. Despite being the smallest of the three, she is definitely the boss. Her favourite activity is to run in and out of the house doing spring jumps off the door frame and then calmly trotting back outside to have another go.
Custard is scared of everything. She is an overweight comfort eater. Happy to stay in the house all day, she won't venture further than the back garden. Her fur is rich and velvety and she is so cuddly.

The Whole Gang

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