Monday, 13 February 2012

Easter Surprise Card

This post is dedicated to all the lovely ladies that I met at my demo, on Saturday 11th February, at Byrkley Park Garden Centre. They were an amazing bunch of dedicated crafters and many of them stayed with me for the whole day. Wendy was in charge of the craft department and was so welcoming, providing chairs for the customers and coffee for me and my own little heater to keep my feet warm. Bliss.
One of the most popular cards on the day was my Easter Surprise card which I had filled with mini eggs. I think the eggs might have been the biggest attraction to be honest.

There are lots of instructions available on the internet for similar cards, mostly containing tea-light candles. These usually involve lots of measuring and I know that many people shy away from projects as soon as measurements are involved. I have tried to make this card as simply as possible using the lines on a standard scoreboard.

I started off with a sheet of 12x12 Papermania textured cardstock and cut it down to 19cm. This worked out as a nice size for a box to fit six little eggs. You can of course make yours any size you wish. As a general rule, add 4cm on to the size you want your finished card to be.

On the scoreboard, you will find two sections which measure approx. 2cm and 4cm in width. (shown with white labels) I have used these sections to create my box. I also used the very small strip as a guide for the edging strip which will be glued down.

Score the card down the two long edges using the small section(approx. 2cm) on the scoreboard as a guide.  Turn the card around ready to score your lines down the short side of your card. The 1st line will be a very small strip used to glue the box in place. The 2nd line will be the the small section. The 3rd line is measured against the wide section(approx. 4cm) and the 4th line will be the small section again. The final line is the wide section again, but only score this at each end of the line as a guide for where the box back will be fixed.

Next cut away the border at the top of the card which will not form part of the box. Also cut down each score line as far as the horizontal score line. Cutting out a small V will make it easier to assemble the box neatly.

If you want to have a window in your box, use a craft knife to cut an aperture in the wide strip as shown, leaving a border wide enough to support a strip of acetate.

The box is now ready to assemble and fix to the card back using the thin gluing strip. A wet glue, such as Anitas tacky glue is best for this task. Secure one end of the box but remember to leave the flaps on the other end open until you have filled it with your treats. The leftover card strip can now be folded in half to create an opening greetings card.
And now the best bit. Your box card is  ready to decorate. Hope you have fun.

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