Saturday, 7 April 2012

March Madness

Where did March go? I am sure that time really does fly.

Three crafting demos in March started off with a trip to Garners garden Centre in Stoke-on-Trent. There was a slight hiccough in the morning when I got half way there to discover that the main Stafford road was completely closed off and following the diversion signs took me on a 20 minute detour almost into Telford. Not in the right direction incidentally. Luckily I still managed to arrive in time to set up. Lots of customers had the same idea though and they were waiting for me.
Sadie had set up a huge work area with seats round so there was plenty of room to display all of my sample cards. I still managed to fill it though :)
The customers were wonderful, all dedicated crafters who were very excited about the new products. Everything was selling out so quickly and Sadie was having to take orders for everyone and promised to get new stocks in within the week. Most of the customers seemed quite happy to go along with this and just enjoyed the demos, adding a few more items to their wish list as they went along.
I loved how supportive everyone was to each other. A couple of ladies really needed a confidence boost to help them to craft as they had been attending a card making class and felt they still didn't know how to make a card on their own. Such a shame. A few of the ladies got together to encourage each other and arranged to take it in turns meeting for crafting sessions at each others houses. How lovely. I really hope it works out well for them.

Sunday 4th March began with a bit of a shock. Snow! As the day progressed we had gale force winds and then hail. Not the best weather to encourage people to visit a lovely little craft shop in the countryside, but thankfully a few people braved the elements. Mountain Ash Crafts is an absolute treasure of a shop. Housed in a cabin type structure at Halfpenny Green Vineyards in Bobbington, it is jam packed to the hilt with everything that a craft addict could possibly desire. The shop is family owned and run, so they are much more flexible in the variety of brands that they stock. They are always bang up to date with products seen on tv shows and generally, if they haven't got what you want, they will order it for you. What more could you ask? A loyalty scheme maybe? They do that too :)

A visit to Percy Throwers Garden & Leisure was on the cards for Saturday 24th March. Waking up to brilliant sunshine and with a promise of temperatures being the hottest so far this year, the day looked promising. So why did I have to battle through thick fog to get to Shrewsbury? I suspect a conspiracy on the weather front.  It felt a little like the Marie Celeste when I first arrived, as the fog initially kept the early morning shoppers away but the sun quickly won through and it was a wonderful day.
Don't be put off by the slightly rough car park and entrance to the shop when you first arrive at Percy Throwers. Once you get inside the building it opens up to reveal multi-levelled areas with all sorts of goodies. The craft department is huge, beautifully spaced out and really well stocked. A real treat to shop there. I was visited by a lovely group of ladies who sat with me at the demonstration and were keen to try some new card shapes. They were inspired to try the Michael Powell stamps too. Initially put off by the multi-coloured images on the packaging, they were delighted by my samples in one colour tone and were looking forward to making their own. Hope you enjoy your new stamps ladies :)

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