Thursday, 15 November 2012

Folded Frames Keepsakes

These folded frames are really adaptable. They can be used individually to hold a photo or joined together to make a card, a minibook keepsake or a wall hanging. The first sample I made used four frames joined together and I made it with the lovely Home for Christmas range from Papermania.

I also made a smaller Valentine card version using the Me-to-You love range and Bexley black Capsule papers.

To make one of the frames you need to start off with a square sheet of paper in your chosen size.Your finished project will be half the size of the paper that you start with.

For this sample I have used an 8x8 square of Papermania Capsule paper in Bexley Black.
Fold the paper in half and then in half again in each direction, so that you end up with 16 small equal squares.
Turn the sheet over and fold each corner in to the centre point.

 Open out the sheet and turn over again. Now fold in each corner as far as the first crease line.

Keep the paper this way up and bring in the sides keeping the four centre squares as the base. Ensure that the corner flaps remain tucked in. The direction of the previous folds will help to make the frame shape fall into place.

 Burnish all of the folds to help maintain the shape, then cut a piece of card to slot in to the 'photo corners'. It needs to be a fraction smaller than the frame size. In the case of this sample it was just under 4". Once inserted, this will stabilise and hold the frame.

Each side of the frame has an open triangular slot. This can be used to insert a joining piece to act as a hinge if you want a number of frame sections to join together and fold.

The hinge piece will need to be a fraction smaller than the size of the frame aperture.

Insert the hinge piece into one of the slots on the side of the frame and glue in place. This is now ready to add on the next frame section. Score down the hinge piece diagonally to enable it to fold neatly.
Once you have made one of these frames the next one will be much easier and I'm sure you'll soon be making them for all sorts of occasions. 
Leave me a comment if you make one yourself as I'd love to know if you have been inspired to try one of these frames in a project.




  1. Both gorgeous, I love the fold and the papers, thanks for sharing how you did it
    Lindsay xx


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