Thursday, 18 September 2014

Slider Cards

I hadn't made slider cards for several months and when I made one at my Docrafts demo this months, it stirred a bit of interest and a few people have asked for a tutorial, so here it is :)

This is the card that I will be showing the step by step instructions for.

I have used a 5x7" 300gsm Papermania white card. It is best to use a sturdy card stock to prevent the card from bending when the mechanism is used.

Take your card and round all corners with a corner punch.
Cut out a thumb hole from the front face of the card using a circle punch. I have used a large xcut circle punch for this one.

Now the card is ready to decorate.

I have chosen to use the Bellissima Christmas range from Docrafts.
The inside of the card only needs to be decorated in the middle. I have used a piece of paper roughly A6 in size.
If you want to decorate the card front leaving a border, you will need to cut another thumb hole before attaching the paper.

Using the same punch will mean that the sides need a little trimming by hand.
Use a glue stick to adhere the paper down firmly, making sure that the whole sheet is covered.
Allow it to dry before attempting to cut with a knife to avoid tearing.
Mark out three sides of a border evenly around the card front and cut this with a craft knife, leaving the top section intact. Measurements are not important, but I cut mine approx. 2cm in, which gave me ample room to add double sided tape.
Score the centre panel across the top of the two cut lines and also approx. half way down the strip.
This panel will fold together when the inside tab is pulled.
Open the card and apply double sided tape to the bottom of the cut panel and also to the three edges of the inside of the card as shown.
Cut another piece of strong cardstock, approximately the same length of the card and slightly narrower than the central panel. This will allow for easier movement of the pull mechanism.

Score a line approximately 1cm in along one of the short sides. This will serve as the glue strip to attach to the card front.
Use a corner punch to round all of the corners, then cut a piece of paper slightly smaller than the tab strip and round the corners of this piece too, before attaching it with a glue stick.

Attach the scored glue strip to the double sided tape on the inside card front. The decorated side of the tab strip will be face down.
Close the card and check that the mechanism works correctly then
remove the backing from the rest of the double sided tape and fold the card back panel over the front to join the two sides together.

Punch a hole in the tab strip large enough to thread through a pull cord or ribbon.
Then you just need to decorate. Embellishments can overhang the top and sides of the folding panel but make sure that the bottom is clear to allow for free movement of the sliding mechanism.
Hope you have fun making your own slider card.
Diana x

Friday, 4 July 2014

Docrafts Demonstration Dates

I have just updated my events list and added a few demo dates for your diaries.
There are some amazing new products in the pipeline so I'll look forward to showing them off to you.

Sadly I have had to delete several dates too. So I'd like to offer my sincere apologies to anyone who is hoping to see a demo at Barnett Hill, Clent or Percy Throwers, Shrewsbury. The Garden & Leisure group that these stores were owned by has been taken over and the new owners are closing the craft departments. I will really miss seeing the loyal regulars who used to attend the events at these stores and I hope that you might be able to make it to an event at another store in the future. If not, then I would like to say it's been a pleasure to meet you all and share my day with you and I wish you all good luck with your crafting. Don't forget to have fun :) xx