Monday, 23 February 2015

Dispenser Boxes

These cute little dispensers have been creating quite a stir; so for anyone who wasn't able to get the instructions from one of my demos or workshop, this is just for you :)

Firstly the Tea Bag Dispenser.
This one will hold a full box of Twinings wrapped tea bags and I think it would make a delightful gift.
I made mine using kraft cardstock as a base and decorated it in French Lavender from the Papermania Capsule collection. The tags and letters are from the Bare Basics range and give a lovely contrast.

The construction is a very simple basic box, with a small section cut away, and a separate lid.

These are the dimensions that I have used and it will hold a whole pack of Twinings tea.
Keep all the excess card in the base as this will make it really sturdy.

For the After Eights Mint Dispenser I needed to tweek the measurements a little as they were smaller.
You can use the basic concept and just adapt it to fit your chosen contents.

I used the Papermania Bellissima range to decorate this one. The butterfly and roses are from the embellishments pack. The papers and toppers are from the Ultimate pack.
The tag, rose and butterfly are cut using xcut dies and the letters are stamped and punched out.
The measurements for this one only vary slightly on the depth.
These boxes are great fun to make and decorate.
Hopefully you will have fun trying them for yourselves :)
Diana x


  1. This is such a fab idea Diana :) no surprise it has caused a stir xxx


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